Earlier this year, I reached out to a friend of mine, Bob Klein who is a fabulous songwriter and good friend to see if he wanted to write the theme song for this documentary being produced by my friend and colleague Jason O'Brien.   We are proud to say that  the producer and Debbie Savigliano (the founder of Bianka's Kids) liked it so much that it became the end trailer and theme song for the documentary.   Right now the documentary is in film festival "mode" (sent to Sundance Film Festival for consideration).    Hold on - we are in for a ride!   The film make it through the selection process at MIF -- so the "critics" are liking what they see. 

Here's what the founder of Bianka's Kids has to say about our song: 



Inspired by Debbie Savigliano's book, this documentary examines how one woman's grief turned into a life mission that has ended up helping so many others.  Producer Jason O'Brien beautifully captured this heartfelt story in his documentary called "From Grief to Gratitude".